Her Italian Aristocrat

6911 stars
Louise Reynolds

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Title Her Italian Aristocrat
Rating 6911 stars
Author Louise Reynolds
Pages On a mission to buy a prestigious shoe company, Australian career girl, Gemma Parkinson, arrives in Italy determined to succeed. But when she falls ill, effortlessly handsome local aristocrat, Luca Andretti, is on hand. Suspicious about Gemma's presence in his town, he offers to let her recuperate in his amazing palazzo. Surrounded by the lavish trappings of the rich - servants, designer clothes, fine food and wine - Gemma is completely out of her depth.

Intent on saving the town's local industry, Brunelli Shoes, from foreign take-over, Luca throws every obstacle he can in Gemma's path. Headstrong, savvy and equally determined to successfully wrestle the company away from him, Gemma fights Luca all the way.

But Luca's life of privilege masks a private world of pain and Gemma has demons of her own. As they come to understand one another, their growing attraction starts getting in the way.

This moving love story involving two people from very different backgrounds is a delightful, contemporary romance in a gorgeous Italian setting.
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Review Though this type of romance isn't something I'd normally read, the premise had intrigued me enough to give it a go. I'm so glad I did!
The characters of Luca and Gemma were very strong, independent and well layered - leaving plenty of room for great conflict and lots of sexual tension.
Ms Reynolds paints a sumptuous portrait of a little Italian village that prides itself on history, family and culture.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to immerse themselves in a fun, sexy read, that keeps you turning pages from the very first!
As I have never been to Italy, I'd certainly like to travel there one day now..and who knows...maybe meet a gorgeous Italian Aristocrat with a sports car and palazzo...


I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.
This was a very fun and well written book. The flow and tone was easy and enjoyable. I found only one... continuity point that caused me pause. [ In a moment, Gemma goes from trying to fight the attraction she feels for Luca to being upset that he'll never return her feelings of love. There was not a moment prior where she has the sharp realization of the depth of her feelings for him. It seemed to lack that moment, jumping straightway into how she's not the type of woman that a man like Luca marries. ]

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