Свещен Коран

6410 stars

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Title Свещен Коран
Rating 6410 stars
Author Anonymous
Pages 604
Isbn NA
Review It's the Koran. Even if, like me, you are not religious you should still read the Koran since it is such a big part of this world. If for no other reason than to have some sort of understanding into what everyone is talking about and fighting over and if you are religious, if you are Christian or Muslim you HAVE to read this so that no one else can tell you what it says; if you rely on others they can mislead you, whether purposely or not, down the wrong path to understand the true message of this collection of stories.


The world is burning because of its evil verses. 90 % of the terrorism in the world is caused by Muslims because of their evil book who justifies their deeds.

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